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Product Update

Product Update: Cash Flow Management

Working as a network or an agency means you have to coordinate advertiser and publisher payments at the same time. It is essential to make sure that publisher payments will not cause you any trouble when the advertiser side has not paid for the revenues, yet. Many finance specialists from different affiliate networks confirmed us that it can be very time consuming if you try to stay fully hands-on their cash flow by working on several complex spreadsheets.


eGENTIC Uses Billoid to scale up their global Affiliate Network Big Bang Ads

Online marketing company eGENTIC has reported high improvements in their billing and invoicing process by using the invoicing tool Billoid for HasOffers, which helped them scale up their global activities of their affiliate network Big Bang Ads. Using the solution of the german software provider Zendri, eGENTIC was able to bill their publishers through four independent entities while working on one central HasOffers platform. By combining the HasOffers technology with Billoid, the time-savings were enormous and the invoicing process would take only 5 minutes from generating the documents to providing the accounting with the export data.


All you need to know about Invoice Generation

Do you know what has been generated over 40-thousand times on Billoid already? Invoice and Credit Note documents. That´s right, a lot of documents have been processed through our platform already, and we would like to give you a little more insight about the different ways to generate, cancel or re-generate documents. So, let´s have a closer look on this seemingly basic and simple functionality. (more…)

New Billoid Knowledgebase Section live

We are happy to announce the introduction of our new Billoid Knowledebase section where we have collected and documented many empirical values and knowledge to improve the user experience with Billoid. Our new support area is even more extensive, contains more detailed material and it is also easily accessible to everyone. Moreover, it also includes information to our new features which we have launched throughout the last couple of months.


Feature Perks: Tunebox and OSticket Integration

Who said Billoid can do billing only?! It´s time to meet some of our little perks sweetening your work with HasOffers. On the one hand, there is our tunebox which contains a couple of different tools for HasOffers. On the other hand, there is our OSticket integration that allows the implementation of ticket system into your HasOffers account.


Improved Filtering with Unbilled Advertiser and Affiliate Data

After launching our new data feed that has improved the user experience a lot, we have added more filters to our invoice and credit note generators. These updates might be small changes but the have a huge positive impact on your flexibility processing the data before creating invoice documents. To make a long story short: You will see only data you actually want to see for invoicing.