Feature Updates: QuickBooks Integration & more

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Feature Updates: QuickBooks Integration & more

Summer is approaching and it´s time to tell you how to get out of the office quicker to enjoy the sun! So let´s wrap up the latest feature updates on Billoid that help you to do so. First, we have some new little features and enhancements that we want to tell you more about. Second, we proudly announce the launch of our integrations section! 

Billoid is known for it´s robust exporting functionality to export data into any other third party system. Designing your individual CSV files according your needs is already a brilliant way to work with several systems without any problems. Anyway, we saw a lot of potential for improvement on integrating third-party solutions to help our clients to have a 100 per cent accuracy in data synchronization while it doesn´t take any additional manual efforts anymore.

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks LogoOur new integrations section is opened up by the official QuickBooks integration. QuickBooks is an accounting software helping to organize businesses and keep business books clean. The integration with Billoid provides our clients with a two-way-sync between both platforms. The user can sync customer (advertiser) and supplier (publisher) data as well as invoices and credit notes from Billoid to QuickBooks. Also, if QuickBooks is connected to bank accounts, the payment status of invoices is being synced back into Billoid to make manual editing on both platforms obsolete. If you would like to learn more about our QuickBooks integration, please feel free to contact us.

Our QuickBooks integration will be followed by more integrations in accounting, payment processing and other fields soon.

Custom Recepients, Contact Person & Payment Methods

Did you ever have the need to add a contact person, email recepient or additional payment method without creating those in HasOffers? Not a problem anymore! Customer profiles in Billoid have been updated and bring you more opportunities to add individual information. You are now able to add as many custom recepients, contact person or payment methods into these profiles as you need. A contact person or mail recepient can be created by giving an email address, pre and surname. These users can be set as main (finance) contact or can be added as CC / BCC on invoice emails. The payment methods can be created by giving a target currency as well as the respective payment information (wire, paypal, payoneer, etc.). Especially if you have publishers who want to receive funds from different currencies on different bank accounts or other payment methods, this will help to automatically use these additional payment methods for invoicing and payment processing.


Our iFrame integration with HasOffers has received a little upgrade, too. Publishers are now seeing different balances on their iFrame. The balances are “Unconfirmed”, “Confirmed” and “Total Paid” payouts. While “Unconfirmed” shows all payouts that are not settled yet, “Confirmed” shows the amount of payout which has been settled into a credit note (publisher invoice) – but hasn´t been paid yet. “Total Paid” shows the publisher, how much payout he has been paid over all time.

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