Spring fever on Billoid: Updates, updates, updates

Image from Elizabeth Ogilvie / Michael Craik / Scott Hunter / Caroline McGonigal; Shot for DTS by Maresa Smith

Spring fever on Billoid: Updates, updates, updates

If you logged into your Billoid account this morning, you couldn´t miss the fact we have updated our dashboard. New colors, new graph, more metrics, more information – nice! But our dashboard is not the only thing we have updated this week. 

We want our clients to be able to see the most relevant data in the shortest amount of time and on every single page in Billoid. Driven by this thought, we have overworked our complete dashboard, refined the way of how you can save or share deeplinks within the application and added more filter options to your freshly structured invoice and credit note tables. So let´s dig into the details of what has changed for you.


new db

Yeah, we liked the old Billoid dashboard which was continuesly the same since our product launch. But now it was about time to say goodbye to the old one and say hello to a better way to provide you with all the crucial information you need to make sure you have everything at a glance. The well-known boxes at the top will show you

  • how much open payments you have in total
  • how much of the open payment amounts is already defaulting
  • how much open credited amounts you have in total
  • how much net turnover you made within the year to date
  • which advertiser payments are due within the current week or current month
  • which publisher credit notes are due within the current week or current month
  • who are my top 10 advertisers as measured by payment behaviour and amount

The new graph shows the relation between the statistics you see in HasOffers (advertiser revenue and publisher payout) and what you actually invoiced your adverisers or credited your publishers. At first sight, you will be able to see if you have any gaps between your stats and what you bill and how the relation is between your income and payouts.


If you are creating your invoices, managing them or if you want to easily collaborate with your team, things are getting easier now as we enhanced the deeplinking within your tables.  Pre-filter your results even more detailed and save the URL to continue working on this later or to send it to your colleague. This will make it very easy to continue working on the data you have filtered previously.

Optimized Filtering

We have also heared several requests for more filter options within the invoice lists. That´s why we have added the ability to filter by even more payment methods, status or currencies.

Optimized Table Structures

Working on finance issues means to have packed lists and to keep an eye on plenty of important details and information. To make it easier for you to have all information you need on one page, we have optimized the structure of our documents tables and added even more information which will make it easier for you to manage invoices and make decisions.


Well, Q1 of 2017 passed pretty fast and we´re remaining busy on launching even more feature updates during this quarter. So stay tuned and look out for our next announcements! If you have questions about our recent updates or want to learn more about the Billoid invoicing solution, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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