Limited offer – boost your finance process with Billoid

Limited offer – boost your finance process with Billoid

If you are a performance marketing network or agency, you care about getting your publishers paid as quick as possible. However important it is to settle payouts quickly, you might also know the challenges that come along with the payment process. Whether it is conversion validation through the advertiser, the risk of conversions being fraud, or not receiving advertiser payments on time. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered for a sustainable finance process that guarantees your positive cash flow.

2017-02-20 Blogpost PricingThe good news is, Billoid has taken on the task of optimizing the finance process and workflow for performance networks. The even better news is, that a Billoid subscription is now available starting at 15 EUR (16 USD) per month. This means, besides saving a lot of time and manual work through a robust feature set, the solution is now more affordable than ever for a limited time.




Conversion & stats adjustments

Billoid recognizes all value or status changes before and after a time range has been invoiced. In case of detected adjustments, they will be included on the next invoice. This will ensure a seamless invoicing flow backing up your day-to-day business.


Pay Publishers only if payouts are covered

Filter and pay publisher revenues that are covered by received advertiser payments. Once an advertiser invoice gets paid, all offers contained within the invoice will be flagged as covered for the publisher side. From there, you are able to pay publishers for offers only for which you have received the advertiser payments already. This will help you to prevent any cash flow problems in the future.

Save time on paying your publishers

After invoice documents have been created and you would like to pay your publishers, our mass payment exports will help you to settle payments with a minimum amount of time. These exports will automatically mark publisher payments as paid and provide you with optimized files that you can import into your payment provider account (bank, PayPal, Payoneer, Tipalti, Paxum).


Customize your payment terms with advertisers & publishers

Being flexible on payment terms can be a deciding factor in your relationships with your business partners. Billoid enables you to reflect your individual negotiated terms with advertisers and publishers in the billing process.


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