Product Update: Simplified Payment Exports to pay out Publishers quicker

Product Update: Simplified Payment Exports to pay out Publishers quicker

Have you ever asked yourself how much time it costs you to create invoices and process publisher payments in order to pay them as quick as possible? The more successful your network becomes, the more time has to be spent on finance. The good news is, Billoid can save you a lot of time on the invoice generation and is now adding even more time-saving functionality to its´ featureset. We are delighted to to introduce a big improvement on our payment export section that will make it very easy to process with the payment processing after you have created credit notes.

Billoid´s new payment export speeds up the process of paying your publishers by serving optimized import files for different payment methods, such as SEPA-wire, PayPal, Payoneer or others. This functionality eliminates the need of exporting payment information for each payment method one by one. Now, there is just one export left, taking care of all payment methods that you have configured in your account.

The big advantage is, that there is no filtering or searching needed, the system automatically skips unpayable or paid documents and gives you notice which documents have been skipped. Additionally, the export will instantly mark all successfully exported documents as paid, which will make it obscolete to changing payment status manually.

For more information just check our knowledgebase

If you still have any questions about our new Payment Exports feel free to contact our support team here.

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