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Who We Are

Niklas, David and Jens met at the beginning of the new century at secondary school in a small town called Bad Münstereifel. They quickly started to develop and publish different web projects such as an online picture gallery or a chat software. After school, their ways split up into different countries for the purpose of their studies, but in 2011 they gathered again to work on some cool tech stuff just like back in the days. Soon, the team worked on a couple of web and mobile based projects and started developement of their first product - Billoid. While working in fulltime jobs or fulltime studies, they put as much work as possible into the product until it allowed them to found Zendri in 2012 and join it in fulltime jobs. After an intense alpha and beta phase, Billoid was officially launched in 2014 as a product tailored for the performance tracking software HasOffers by TUNE.
Zendri continued to bootstrap without any investors and started to grow in the beginning of 2015, following their passion to provide smart business solutions that simplify business processes of companies.

Meet The Team

Janek Thomaschewski Senior Software Engineer
Lars Wessel Controlling & Account Manager
Jan Kalkan Developer
Robin Steinwarz Developer
Thomas Hertleif Developer